Gift Giving Guide: Meg's Beauty Picks

Hey Limettes!
With the Holiday season upon us it is time to begin my uber bloggin on everything from chapstick to throw rugs and all that falls in between. When it comes to the holidays, I have a tendency to go overboard... it is in my nature and quite frankly I adore gift giving. No, I am not trying to win you all over by saying I love to give rather than to receieve because well, we all know that is just not true when it comes to me :) but I do enjoy the look on my loved ones face's when I give them the one thing they didn't even know they wanted! Thats right, to me the art of gift giving is all about finding that one item that they cannot get for themselves, that they wouldn't normally lust after, they they sometimes don't even know they wanted. Its about thinking outside the box, and then pegging the one thing that screams that person's name...
So in the spirit of the season.. I present to you my first of MANY blogs in the next few weeks..
My favorite Beauty Picks... for the diva whose style starts with her mascara...
Clinique Doule The Kisses Set, $25
What girl wouldn't love a hot pink pouch filled with double sided lipstick & gloss? For under $25.. this is the perfect stocking stuffer.
Available at any Clinique Counter..
If the eyes are the windows to our soul, then the brows are the frame.. and who wants a messed up frame- right? This Brows a-go-go kit from benefit is so awesome. It has everything you need to perfect the brow, all for just $38.
I for one have taken years to learn the art of the brow- and now that I know & appreciate a perfect brow.. will be handing this gift to all my fellow beauty lovers & paying it forward ...
Ok I confess, I may have stumbled into Sephora the other day and bought myself a little post B-Day present... oops! But this was a great & totally affordable little treat.. For $18 I got myself this lip gloss set that I can throw in any size clutch and use on the go. If you know me, you know I am a lip gloss addict... so this was just fueling the addiction in a much more affordable way.
Side Note: I DIE for the red...
The Tartan Collection from Mac is so killer I could legit purchase everything... but I wont (yet)! This naughty little vices nail laquer set is perfect for the mani/pedi girl who gets tired of the salon's Essie/OPI choices and loves to spice up her weekly treat! For $25.50 this is a great grab bag gift if you are doing something with your girlfriends too!
If you are a makeup wearing female and do not know about Orgasm then you need to call me ASAP for an intervention. This magical formula created by NARS gives you the glow that they named it for. Seriously- if you don't own orgasm, you need to get yourself this blush/lip set immediately.. and pick it up for any of your friends who may also be living under a rock.. $30 @ Sephora
Oh the love I would have for the person who gave me this little piece of heaven. A chanel mini brush kit, for my application pleasure! $125 and worth every penny... these brushes are beyond fab.. and I am not a one brand kinda girl so I promise you my brush kit has an array of brands.. and these brushes are def one of my favs.
Ok so I may have also recently purchased this kit, but in my defense I was really inspired by Kesha and her fabulousness and I wanted to try some metallics and this seemed to be the best way to do it! I must say it worked.. I got so many compliments on my eye makeup that night thats for $36 this was a bargain! If you have that rocker/glam girl who knows how to apply makeup & rock it.. this is for her.
THE HOLY GRAIL! I made the mistake one year of waiting to purchase this, and of course ended up crying my mascara off my eyes when it was sold out in 3 different Sephoras...
Needless to say, this year I was not messing around- I already have this amazing piece of cosmetic heaven & have been making myself more gorgeous with it for about a week- this is the most amazing blockbuster yet. The size, the shape, the compacts, the colors - Sephora did it this time!
This is for the lady in your life who has every piece of cosmetics, who knows her brands & is loyal to them but who will still be elated to receieve this amazing blockbuster.. A $435 value.. this is selling for only $48... REALLY? Why haven't you already ordered it!!!
So those are my beauty gift giving picks... I am sure I will stumble upon some more fabulous ideas along my quest for the perfect gifts & I will obviously share them with you so keep in touch & come back for some more updates.
I am feeling a skincare version soon...  Oxygen Mask Set from Bliss anyone??? 

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Lots of Lime,



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