One Weekend; Six Looks

I spent the 105 degree heat wave in Boston on a trip that was obviously planned prior to us knowing that the East Coast was going to bake in an oven for a week and a half! Despite the heat, my friend Jackie & I packed up & headed north for a fun weekend filled with history, dance parties and SWEAT! Here is how I dressed to impress and beat the heat; with six looks in one weekend!

I don't usually post about myself, but I have been getting feedback from some limettes that they would love to see more of my personal style on the site. I appreciate the love & the style support so, ask and ye shall receive.

Rather than driving the entire time, my friend & I decided to take the Orient Point Ferry. The ride across the Long Island Sound to New London, CT is only an hour & 20 minutes and worth every penny. Its a relaxing trip (assuming you have calm seas) and takes the stress off of driving through the city (my fellow Long Islanders can certainly relate). In any event, we of course decided to travel on one of the hottest days of the summer (it was 98 degrees when this picture was taken at 9:45 am). Effortless & chic is my summertime philosophy and that goes for my beauty routine as well. In most of these pictures, my hair is thrown in a braid or a chignon or let down to do its naturally curly/wavy/frizz party- when it comes to the summer I really can't fuss like I normally would! As far as makeup goes; as little as possible is always best with heatwaves. For the most part, with the exception of nights on the town, I put on Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer w/ SPF 20, Clinique lash doubling mascara, whatever MAC lip I choose for the day & hit the road.

Dress: Ikat Print Maxi Dress via Kmart
Unfortunately this dress is no longer available, but was part of their LYS (Love Your Style, Love Your Size) summer collection and was def. my favorite piece from the line!
Earrings: Silver Hoops via XSRE
Sunnies: Scored them on the streets of NYC.
I always travel with 5 pairs of sunglasses (usually). I find I would rather wear my street vendor shades instead of my designer ones when traveling or sightseeing so should anything happen to them I won't cry my eyes out & ruin my trip over a sunglasses tragedy!
Flip Flops: Havaiana

Garment Note: There is actually a tie w/ wooden beads that tie around the neck, I just opted to tie them in a knot and let the ties hang instead. Partially because I am on a constant mission to get rid of my permanent tan lines (which obviously will not go away) but mostly because the thought of anything on my neck in that heat was making me sick! HA!

Boston is an awesome city and there truly is so much History to take in that in my opinion, you need more than one weekend. In any event, we were determined to do the best we could in the 103 degrees and climbing weather. A quick stop to check into our hotel, The Langham Boston, which I have to say was an awesome choice. The hotel is beautiful, the staff is uber helpful and the concierge is on point with their recommendations. Not to mention that fact that everyone had a great sense of humor!

Anyway, sightseeing meant time for a costume change. What could I put on that would be the least constricting?

You guessed it! Romper time! I am obsessed w/ the romper trend for many reasons but mainly because everyone can rock a romper- its true, I promise! It's just about finding the right one for you, and truth be told, that sometimes takes a bit of time. I had a hard time finding the few I have been rotating this summer but I am happy I stuck out the style search because they are the so comfortable!

Romper: $10 from Rainbow Shops
I never really bargain shop in places such as Rainbow because I find they don't last one wash and I would rather spend money on a quality product that will last me more than 8 hours! In any event, when I saw this floral, strapless romper for $10 I couldn't resist.
Earrings:Turquoise drop earrings I scored @ XSRE (my new obsession for cheap, costume/play jewelry).
Bag: Cross Body Black Leather bag gifted from my Mom. :)
via Lane Bryant
Flip Flops: Havaiana my flip flops.

Beauty tip: A french braid is classic & keeps your hair out of your face & off your back. Think its too schoolgirl? Rock it with bold accessories to make it more you!

Just because it was hot out, didn't stop us from enjoying the awesome nightlife Boston has to offer. There are  live bands playing in every pub, waiting for you to dance the night away. I usually try not to post pics of myself with alcohol in my hand as I don't want to offend anyone nor do I want to send the wrong message to any of my younger readers but I made an exception w/ this post.

While I credit my readers to be both stylish & intelligent I must say the following;
1. Legal drinking age is 21, drinking before the legal age will get you in MAJOR trouble so don't bother.
2. NEVER drink & drive or get into a car with someone who has been drinking. Seriously, don't.
3. Remember who you are & where you come from (This is a Sue O'Connor special - my mom has been preaching this to family & friends for years. While it annoys me to hear it over & over, she is spot on and truth be told, it will spare me a lecture when she reads this post :) )

Anyway, back to the fashion...

Skirt: Black banded mini from Forever21 Plus line.
I legit have about 6 banded minis that I rotate. It is figure flattering and unbelievably versatile. If you don't have one; go get one. The banded mini is not going anywhere this fall and trust me- its a great addition to your wardrobe.
Camisole (under chiffon tank): Basic Stretch Cami from Fashion to Figure
Top: Floral chiffon print tank with lace insets from Forever 21 Plus Line
Tank is no longer available but there are always similar styles on and I sized up with this specific one to get additional length.
Ring: Black stone & Crystal Snake Statement Ring from Torrid
Ring is no longer available but I always shop Torrid for awesome statement rings in my size (My sausage fingers need a size 9)
Earrings: Gold Spike Earrings from PNKElephtant Accessories

Another sunny & hot day filled w/ sightseeing..

Shorts: Black shorts from Torrid
These are not avaiIable but these Poplin Shorts are very similar. like Torrid shorts because the length. I like to show some leg so I prefer a shorter inseam, Torrid has a good selection of shorts in multiple lengths.
Camisole: Black cotton cami from Lane Bryant
Top: Coral & Red plaid chiffon, ruffle front blouse from Lane Bryant

A night out at Boston's Littlest Bar for some fun dancing....

Sorry about the quality but it has been instagram'd and such is life...

Dress: Sailor-inspired striped square neck dress w/ exposed zipper back (belt w/ dress) from Forever21 Plus.
This item is no longer available but this Sweetheart Striped Dress is a close relative!
Earrings: Green gem drop earrings (purchased forever ago) from Forever21

Best way to stay cool when you're out at night?

Choose lightweight pieces that don't require any additional layering, can be worn with simple makeup/hair looks & won't show sweat throughout the night. This dress was an obvious choice for me, and while I usually wear spanx to hold it all in & avoid the dreaded chub-rub, I opted out & made out just fine. After all, its not about the undergarments, its about the confidence!

My final look was for the return trip home.

Shorts: Black shorts from Torrid
Top: Neon striped t shirt from Forever21
A little lime tee is a great way to rock the neon trend. Other great ways is to incorporate the punch of color into your accessories with bangles, earrings, hair accessories or even sunglasses!

Beauty Trick: The ferry can get really windy so having hair down is usually not the best option, especially if you have wavy hair like I do. A quick remedy to that is to throw your hair into a chic topknot, it keeps it from getting tangled and if you tie it loosely you can take it down after the trip and have loose waves.

So there you have it- one weekend, six looks and a seriously good time regardless of the heat wave! Need advice on what to pack? How to wear it? Or what to wear? Sign up for our LLD Services and let me help you shine in the limelight..
Trust me, your camera will thank you!

Lots of Lime,

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