SAG Awards: Red Carpet Style

The 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards was last night and while I can pretend to care about who won what, lets get down to business & talk fashion! The red carpet was filled with Hollywood's hottest stars rocking some fashionable trends including pops of color, sparkly muted grey's, neutrals and lots of fuschia! Unlike last week, this time there were so many hot looks it was hard to narrow down! Here are my picks for best & worst dressed at the SAG Awards.
#SAGAwards: The gals of Glee

Since I am such a #gleek I thought I would do a special red carpet review of the gals of Glee. They may not have won an actor (they lost to Modern Family), but these ladies certainly won the crowd over on the red carpet.
SVS Style File: 5 Vacation Looks

My stylish niece is back again with her ultimate styling & blogging skills. Here are her picks for "5 really cool vacation looks"!
Get out your wallets & be prepared to be inspired by the coolest almost-4-year-old I know!
Golden Globes: Best Dressed

And Award Season is back.... the many things I look forward to in the beginning of the year. First comes the awards, then comes fashion week ... ah yes my blogging, styling, fashion & beauty bones feel the energy of it all! Rather than to do a length piece on the best & worst dressed of the Golden Globes, I decided to choose (after much reflection) my favorite four and leave it at that. Take note fashionistas, these four ladies know how to rock a red carpet and their number one accessory isn't something you can buy. Read on for more details!
Limelight on: Monif C Spring Collection

It's no surprise that I am a fan, supporter & returning customer of plus size designer, Monif C. I have been writing about her designs, vision and ability to make a curvy woman feel sexy for quite some time. But this time she has really done it. Read on to find out why I think she must have been designing just for me...
People's Choice Awards: Red Carpet Style

Roll out the carpet & let award season begin!!!! The People's Choice Awards brought an array of stars onto the red carpet, some looking fab and some, well, not so fab. While the show wasn't a 10 on the excitement scale, it gave us some funny acceptance speeches, decent performances & of course.. fashion to talk about! Here are my Best & Worst of the 2012 PCA's...
Holiday Gift Guide: The Gentleman

They can be easy and difficult to purchase for. The gentleman on your list is probably one of the last people you purchase for during the holiday season, this year make him one of the first with my top ten picks!
Holiday Gift Guide: The Beauty Babe

Always a personal favorite of mine, the holiday gift guide for the beauty babe is a guide filled with my top ten picks for the cosmetic, skincare, beauty obsessed on your list. With everything from serious skincare tools to simple neutral lipgloss, this guide has something for every beauty babe on their list!
City Santa: Making Holiday Wishes Come True

Each year more than 500,000 "Dear Santa" letters arrive at New York City's main post office. These letters are from children whose requests differ from the usual red wagons or bicycles. Their wants are simply the basic needs for food, clothing, shoes and blankets.  And often their requests are not even for themselves but for their family members. With your help, this is where City Santa steps in to fill those wishes and personally deliver Christmas to as many families as possible each year. Read on to find out how you can help make Christmas magical this year ... ##
Holiday Gift Guide: The Luxe Lady

Ah yes, the lady on your list who essentially has everything. The one person who you think is most difficult to purchase for is actually one of the easiest! Sure, she may be after luxe items & has impeccable taste, but that doesn't mean you can't score her a holiday gift that will have her thanking you for years to come. Here are my top picks for the luxe lady on your holiday shopping list...


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